You’re Not Winning If You Have to Lie to Make Your Point 🤥

Oh look someone has discovered the power of Photoshop [yawn]. The image of Obama holding up a “Trump is my president” t-shirt went with the caption: “post this and watch all the liberals’ heads explode.” If 45 were at all a “normal” policy-wonk kind’a Republican, I could almost imagine Obama holding up the t-shirt as a gesture of national unity. But 45 has worked against ever earning that gesture. So then I went on a search for the possible original photo.

Sure enough, the original t-shirt went with the hand-gesture that Michelle is doing in the photo: “Hate Won’t Win.”

I understand the desire for the world to follow ones rules for how the world should be. But if you have to fabricate things to express that, what does that say about your understanding of the world? Whenever you have to “adjust” the facts to fit your views, maybe there’s something wrong with your views, maybe there’s something wrong with your story. You can’t communicate Truth if you have to use lies.

I know that the photoshopping of the image is just trolling behavior, trying to get a rise out of dems & liberals. Simple as that, it’s just about the lols. And if this were some entertainment/sports/gaming thing I wouldn’t care. Troll away, good buddies. Alas, this is all a bit more serious, with possible historically damaging repercussions, so I’m not going to give the Photoshoppers a pass. Things are complicated enough without folks willing to visually lie, trying to get their point across. Really. If you have to lie to prove your point, there’s a greater chance that your point isn’t valid. Using your standard of message before truth, the t-shirt could have just as easily said the following…


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