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Blog Reunification/Relaunch as joebustillos.com

Blog Reunification/Relaunch as joebustillos.com

I used to think that it was a problem that I could never narrow down my writing or my blog posts to one subject. I mean, I know that I cringe when the tech podcasters I follow venture into areas outside their expertise. Alas, having experimented with separating my many interests into separate blogs, I find treating these things as separate subjects a bit artificial and sometimes confusing as to which blog I should publish the post under. I am by no means a “know it all,” but it turns out from my training as a journalist I value balanced observation, the power of words and good storytelling; from my years of biblical studies I value academics, philosophy, mythology and universal truths; from my years working as a technician and with technology I appreciate the process of troubleshooting and that it’s not about the shinny toys but the minds and hands behind the toys; from my years as an educator I am amazed at human resilience, the desire to learn and that I’ve never forgotten what it’s like to be a bored student continually getting in trouble; and finally as another human being I look for the connections, compromises and the glimmer of hope that many of us secretly clutch in our hearts as we go through our daily repetitive motions. This blog and these posts are my ongoing notes. Enjoy. Oh, and I also love little robots, photography and making music.

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