This Show Must Not Go On

Word have consequences and silence has meaning. We are better than what we have allowed or conspired to happen in our nation.

If you are angered at that idea, screaming, “I didn’t do anything!” then you’ve proven my point. The hate driven divisive behavior from the “top” of our national culture needs to stop, like this newspaper, and work toward solutions that communicate our best behaviors and real humanity. This whole “show” needs to be cancelled, no more three ring circus with “dozens of enemies” being targeted.

EPA, Education, Unions, Teachers, CDC, Climate Science, gun laws, women’s reproductive rights, an independent justice system, immigration and human rights… you can barely keep your staff running without members quitting, getting fired or ending up under indictment and yet you find the means to poke holes and attempt to dismantle all of these organizations. We see what you’re doing. You’re starting so many fires that you’re hoping no one will notice your self-serving deals and contempt towards decency. All of this needs to stop. Now. We’re not going to fall for your highly produced reality-TV government.

Up until the recently undocumented immigration was down, crimes committed by undocumented immigrants is a tiny percentage of crimes committed in this country. But you’ve decided to make it this season’s theme, spend millions, possibly billions on your big solution, ignoring the fact that not everyone is driving or walking over the southern border, and that criminalizing human migration is a violation of fundamental human rights. How exactly did your grandfather or your wife become American citizens? Would they have ended up handcuffed and in cages if they attempted the move today?

You don’t care about this issue. It’s all a big show. It’s a big show of your own making… there are other ways to deal with these people wanting to come and work in our country, other than handcuffs and state sponsored shredding of families. People are dying or being irreparably damaged because of your show. It needs to stop. Now. We see what you’re doing. We see what you’re doing and it needs to stop. We know you don’t care and like most reality-TV, everything you do promotes the worst in humanity and your big show needs to be canceled. Words have consequence and Silence, the silencing of your big show, will have meaning.

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