The Threat of Separation

You’re missing the point if you think that the fact that this little one wasn’t separated from her mom invalidates the trauma she’s experiencing.

The confrontation with authorities, the dehumanization of her parents, caused this level of panic. Now imagine the thousands where the child WAS separated from their mothers or fathers. Are you so callous and uncaring (or literal minded) that you can dismiss this inhumanity because it was not the full trauma. She is in this much pain just over the threat of the situation. This is a portrayal of American Terrorism. Yeah, her story didn’t include full separation but hey, too bad we have to arrest thousands of people because there might be bad people among them. American Terrorism. Round them up, put them in a pen, charge them with the crime of fleeing their country and looking for a better life. And ship the kids across the country as a deliberate act of punishment. No the young one wasn’t separated from her parents, but she probably didn’t know what was going on and that was enough to cause this meltdown. Now tell me this image isn’t a legitimate portrayal of what our government is doing! If you think it’s “summer camp” why don’t you send your 4-year old there for an indefinite stay.


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