No Bored Mexican Kids

Sometimes You Just Need to Wear Your Cowboy Hat

I was very disappointed that I couldn’t get mom’s Echo Show to work and surprised to discover that I couldn’t call her using the Alexa app on my iPad. That it only works from my iPhone. Damn. Very disappointed. After several attempts we resorted to just talking over the phone. Damn.

But in the rambling conversation she said something about how when she babysat the Eggers kids when they were really young, that she had no patience for the “we’re bored” whining. And that reminded me of this meme of why Mexican kids never complain that they’re bored… Then she relayed a story that I don’t think I’d ever heard, about when we were little that they were always celebrating whose ever birthday was around the corner, just an excuse to get everyone together, get the kids and friends together to celebrate. And apparently as a two-year old I developed the habit of wear someone’s cowboy hat, an adult sized cowboy hat. And according to mom, dad always defended my wearing the hat when someone made a comment about this little kid wearing an adult cowboy hat saying that I was the smart one because the hat would protect me from the sun… wow, who knew… I still think the meme is pretty fun.

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