1098-CorrinCampbell” by U.S. Army, https://flic.kr/p/8pqUYz

Daily Random Sh*t: The Cost of Being Self-Aware in this “Donald Moment”

Daily Random Sh*t: The Cost of Being Self-Aware in this Donald Moment

A friend lamented:
I wake up every day feeling like an unredeemable pile of sub-human garbage knowing that nothing I can do will ever change it… meanwhile.. we got a guy who can barely form coherent sentences claiming to be a genuis. Thinking he’s great when his words and actions point to him being a horrible human being.. I am not sure if I am jealous or feel sorry for him.

Amid all the supportive responses, I posted:

Yeah, actually being self-aware can be a bitch… but given how many real friends you have who really appreciate you, that is much better than living in a delusional cloud. I want to experience the real highs in life, I’ve got to risk also experiencing the lows. Alas, the giant-comb-over is one of our shared lows which we all are working toward seeing a quick exit from our shared lives. Who knew that one asshole could set so many of us on a path of discovery and self awareness. Be well, my friend, we’re in this together.

Image: “1098-CorrinCampbell” by U.S. Army, https://flic.kr/p/8pqUYz

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