Reflections from the Road: June 26, Day 5, San Antonio Riverwalk & a Bucket of Coronas

I just spent 39-days driving cross-country & here is one of my reflections from the experience. Enjoy

On every level, what’s the plan? Maybe I’m starting a bit too deep. It’s a Monday night and I’m sitting outside at one of San Antonio’s Riverwalk restaurants watching the couples stroll by. Four Coronas in, I have serious doubts about my observations & my ongoing unspoken commentary. I’m making great eye-contact with the help and assume my complete invisibility to the strolling tourists. I’m friends with the laughter around me though I know they’ll have no memory of the shared conspiratorial smiles. Then again, I took my glasses off, so I’m gonna be hard pressed to confirm anything I allegedly “saw.”

Blue-t-shirted Googlers and lots of folks from somewhere else hold court around me…. The mansplainer behind me talked nonstop for over an hour about whatever  and I scarcely remember hearing the voices of his two companions. People put up with a lot.

Damn the food was good and the bucket of Coronas even better. After the Googlers left I was surprised to discover that I was surrounded by a whole host of Apple-people and ADEs. I melded into their conversations (that I cannot hope to remember at the moment) and the world seemed right to have such passionate intelligent educators in it. Then on my walk home, Apple Maps took me way off course and added a lot of unwanted steps to my already long day. Shit.