Monday Morning Reflections & Renewal

Nothing represents new beginnings for me as much as Monday mornings. Or maybe I’m just being influenced by the changing weather/seasons and the approach of Spring Break almost immediately followed by Summer Break. It’s all one giant RESET button for me, right now. I’m thinking what do I have to get done right now, what do I have to get done this week, what can wait for Spring Break and how do I fit in all of the things that never quite make the daily/weekly schedule?

I just heard an ad for ( and reflected on how much my blog and podcast has suffered over the past year, since the move and election and how to or whether to bring it back. I mean, as much as I loved blogging, I never got nearly the same response level from blog posts as I got from stupid FaceBook posts and I’ve known for some time that my more important writing goals, getting a few novel projects “done,” haven’t moved an inch in years because I’ve failed to block out time for them. Since moving to Las Vegas, adapting to the new teaching job has been the priority (though I note that this time around, I’m more able to walk away from things and/or go to sleep than I was when I first started teaching over twenty-years ago). So, job first, with spaces made to hang-out/nap, but I’m really having to deal with how I manage my time and what is really helping me achieve my goals.

So, how have I spent my time lately? For the past two-weeks or so I’ve put all of my “free time” into getting my photo libraries synced/backed up/etc. Besides all of the events that I never quite edited, getting my new iPhone 7-plus last October added the unanticipated wrinkle of how to archive “Live Photos” (in as much as the iPhone camera can be set up to record 4-second video clips that are associated with a still image). I love the feature and it can be fun, but it was also a pain in the ass to figure out how to get the image-package off of the phone so that they could be stored outside of the, etc., etc., etc. Anyway, that’s been an adventure and that completely derailed anything related to posting my photos library on my blog, etc.

So what am I doing while I post this (Monday evening)? I’m drinking beer and hanging out at Hop Nuts Brewery with a bunch of LV crazies and artists. Life is better when you draw outside the lines and know that whenever you get another Monday morning (which ISN’T guaranteed!) it’s a new reset to life. Enjoy ’em.

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