Daily Random Sh*t: Hurt Him Where He’s Most Vulnerable #BlockTrump

In the end, one powerful way to deal with a bully is to shut down his ability to get under your skin. After the election, while listening to former Fox News personality, Megyn Kelly talk to PBS’s Fresh Air host, Terry Gross, about how Trump bullied her using Twitter and inspiring his “Twitter Army” to invade her life, some literally showing up at her home or workplace, it’s clear that Trump is using Twitter as his direct conduit to the faithful and sees no problem, regardless of the pettiness, to strike out at the famous and private citizens. It’s also clear that anything that goes against his belief in his greatness, such as not winning an Emmy for the Apprentice or the fact that he didn’t win the general election, really gets under his skin. My thought is that, on January 20th, we should all block his Twitter account.

You don’t have to actually follow him (and it’s not like you aren’t going to hear on Social Media his latest brain-fart), but if several thousand Twitter users blocked his account on Inauguration Day that would probably get under his very thin skin. All you need to do is:

  1. Go directly to his Twitter page (https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump),
  2. Click on the little gear icon below the header image, and
  3. click on the Block option.

If enough Twitter users do this, it should show up in his analytics and given the timing and his extreme sensitivity, it should really bug the bully. January 20th, mark the date to block the bully.

Given the limitations of my little network of like-minded friends, please share this post on your networks to see if we can get the ball rolling to Block Trump on Twitter on January 20th. Hell, those of you who have no need for Twitter in your life might want to get an account just so that you can block Trump on January 20th.

Finally, I noted that one can report the account for abuse and given your emotional state following the election, you might feel fine with claiming that the #OrangeRussianPuppet has been (a) harmful, in that he has sold the American public “counterfeit goods” or “abusive behavior and violent threats”(in that he’s inspired others to threaten critics with physical violence and death). I haven’t taken this step, but you might look into it.


Images courtesy of RealDonaldTrump, joebustillos | Joe Bustillos and Twitter

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