What They Fought For… freedom to Do Better


DailyRandomShit for 2016-07-10: What They Died For… Freedom to Do Better

Honor to the brave men and women who have fought and died for the liberties and prosperity we’ve participated in for the past century. Let us not let the powerful fear-mongers destroy what our ancestors fought for. This nation has always been an imperfect union, but we’ve always managed to work together, across great distances, across cultural and ethnic lines, against great odds and conventional wisdom to do the right thing. We still have the capacity to do great good but must also be aware of the great harm we are also capable of doing. Your skin color and your family lineage is far less important than the quality of your character and how you treat people when no one is looking. These are the things that these brave men and women fought and died for and these are qualities that all humans are capable of expressing. They fought to save the world from tyranny. Let us not foist tyranny upon ourselves because of the wrong-head selfish fears of the powerful. We are better than that.

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