“Congress,” in Theory…


DailyRandomShit for 2016-06-24

This one is embarrassing. First is the racist comment made by my relative, as if my working class relative is going to school our constitutional law professor president, alluding to the only job the president is qualified for requires a shoe-shine box. Obviously, I do not come from an evenly educated family tree.

The second is that Speaker Ryan should have put the word “Congress” in quotes because this specific Congress has been more renown for its lack of bringing up bills to vote into law, beginning with failure to vote on our engagement in Syria to any response to the series of gun-related tragedies we’ve experienced this past year. And given their penchant for vacations and bills not voted on the President has used executive order to get things done, not unlike all presidents beginning with George Washington (by the way 43/Junior used executive order 291 times versus President Obama’s “outrageous” 235…). Executive Orders, what all Presidents have done when Congress can’t get off their asses because their heads are too far up the asses of three-letter organizations that begin with the letter “N” and end with “A” and have a “R” shoved up the middle.


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