Believing in Evolution – Unexpected Bedfellows

DailyRandomShit for 2016-05-06

When this video came across my social feed I was pretty amazed. It was posted by a number of Christians as a proof against Evolution. Wow, it’s very refreshing to see Evangelical Christians promoting and agreeing with a Muslim.

As for “disproving” evolution, the video producer makes several common mistakes such as proposing that humans came from primates or that it isn’t “observable.” Seems legit on the surface, but it shows a lack of understanding. For example, evolution is observable with species such as bacteria, that reproduce on a much smaller time scale.

The unfortunate truth is that there doesn’t have to be a conflict between someone of Faith and also believing in the Truth of Science. There are a lot of scientists over the centuries who understood that they weren’t working to dismantle belief as much as reveal the wonders of our world. If all you see in the opening chapters of Genesis is a literal description of Creation, then you are completely missing the point of the narrative.

Finally, I don’t think the Christian promoting this video have visited the video producer’s Facebook page. If they had they would see many posts such as the following one. I doubt they’d share that one with their friends.

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