Tornado Encounter – Not Dummies

Daily Random Shit for 2016-03-21: Not Dummies

My friend, Beaux, posted the following clip:

Crazy. But then I saw this comment below the video & felt the need to respond:

Justin W. Ford: Dummies

Me: Wow. Nothing like having a mini-tornado drop on you. As for Justin’s “Dummies” comment, I’m sure this sort of thing never happens to smart people… Life can really be random, don’t assume that your good fortune isn’t also random and unearned.

Thoughts I didn’t Post: It’s just too easy to see misfortune, quickly denote the ethnicity of the person in the video and pronounce sentence that this is just another example of what happens to “those people.” Justin may or may not have meant or been least bit cognizant of said dehumanizing process, but I saw it immediately.

Sometimes people do stupid shit and some posts it on the Internet and it’s pretty damn funny. Finding oneself inch from being sucked up by a twister is not one of those things. No dummies in this video, just a lucky couple who also comes to the aid of someone caught in the brief storm.

Follow up conversation:

Justin W. Ford: I’m from Oklahoma Joe, we know not to drive into tornadoes.

Me: 👍 The benefit of living in a place heavily studied and with a decent warning system. I’m from Southern CA where everyone freaks out over minor weather events and have no idea what to do when it rains or how to drive in said events.

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