When You’re a Stranger in a Strange Land

Daily Random Shit for 2016-02-01: When You’re a Stranger in a Strange Land

I have a number of intelligent conservative friends who unapologetically vote Republican. I like that they have the freedom to choose, just like I do. But when I see this level of hate and scapegoating, I have to wonder what these friends, whom I respect, must think. Is this really what is meant by “Make America Great Again”? Many of us grew up together in Orange County (CA), when there were still orange groves and bean fields between Mission Viejo and Santa Ana. We played baseball and football and did puppet-shows in the summer. All of our families were from some place else, but we came together and our folks made a pretty good life for us. Now a new generation is trying to do what our parents did, make a better life for their families from wherever they came. Isn’t that what made what we experienced growing up great, the possibility to build a better life? And the freedom to disagree, I thought that was part of the deal too. But to be spit upon and threatened, when is that ever part of making America great again? I knew we all want what’s best for our families and those closest to us, but it’s never acceptable for that to be done on the backs of the person who looks different, or speaks a different language, or is new to this land. Argue with all your might how we’re going to do better to address the challenges of making the world better than how we found it. But don’t blame the sojourner in your midst. Those who know their bibles should know that it just takes a very little thing and you might find yourself a stranger in a strange land, needing the assistance of others.

Video originally posted at https://www.facebook.com/CeCeRogers.Musician/videos/10153974288629416/ posted by CeCe Rogers

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