Et tu, WordPress?

I decided to go to the local WordPress holiday party. Nice people, great snacks and beer, love the Exchange Building where it was hosted. Most of the attendees of these events are either developers or run WordPress related-businesses. I’m neither. I’m a writer who inconsistently blogs. As if I wasn’t feeling a little odd-man-out enough a fellow said hi, asked me what I do and then pointed out that the computer on my shirt was out of date. Dammit if he wasn’t spot on.

I’ve been wearing these work shirts forever… well, at least going back to the days of the enormous CRTs, and I think this shirt is the last of the bunch. But this was the first time anyone had called me out on having outmoded tech on my shirt. Oh, the shame! (Guess the wardrobe could stand a bit of an upgrade. Damn). Of course my natural response is to go look for more dorky workshirts with updated computer emblems on them… ah, yeah. Even the nerds at Computer Gear, where I think I got the original shirts have moved on to other more socially accepted forms of nerdom. What’s a self-respect geek going to do?

I’m going to have to find the images I’ve taken of other symbols of my geekness that were taken when I retired said articles of clothing… Ugh. Happy holiday, dweebs!

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