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Remember what I said the other day about not having the time or energy to be working on my blog? Yeah, I lied. Having scanned in over 30-years of papers, projects and school notes and over 50-years of photos, I’m attempting to be a lot more systematic on how things get posted/shared. After looking over dozens of themes, I thought that I might pull out the old white board and try to wrap my head around what I’m trying to accomplish. With the academic material, I kind of wish that I would be able to create a starting page with the universities/degree programs I’ve participated in, than have that branch off to a page listing the courses that I took for each degree, than have each course branch off to info on the course (date, title, instructor, syllabus) and break that down to the projects and papers that I produced.

During my studies I went through several versions of this idea with my MA work at Pepperdine, which fit, given that we turned in and worked entirely online. Then, when I was putting my resume together, I revisited the idea of posting my work online and decided to create a separate blog just for the MA work using the Imbalance 2 theme (Click here to see the blog). I chose this theme primarily because it surfaced all of the work in a scrolling multi-column view.

2015-08-13_pepOMAET-blog 2015-08-13_pepOMAET-blog

On the plus side all of the work is there. But, except for it’s chronological order, there’s no apparent organization or flow and thus it comes off as too much to absorb (TLDR). And this was for a one year course of study, it’s unlikely that using this same approach with my four-year degree programs would come off well. The point is to surface the work without overwhelming the viewer. I wish there was a theme that worked like a branching mind-map…



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