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2015-08-12_wordpress-org-error 2015-08-12_wordpress-org-error

Last week I bit the bullet and signed up for an account with DreamHost so that I can move my blog(s) from the free WordPress.com hosting to a self-hosting site. It’s been a bumpy road. I’m not entirely sure that it’s worth the hassle.

2015-08-12 8:45am

I’m now getting an error message:

“A problem occurred with this webpage so it was reloaded”

And the displayed page isn’t the one that I edited (I removed several widgets to see if that would change the error message, nope). This is really beginning to feel like it’s more of a pain than it’s worth, and making me appreciate the limited but less painful WordPress.com experience. Ugh. I really don’t think that I have the time or emotional energy to really deal with this right now. One thing that I’ve observed, while I plow through the years and years of notes and receipts, is that I’ve spent a lot of myself in my studies, musings and projects. I really need to prioritize whatever it’s going to take (getting a job, selling my townhouse) so that I can go back to chasing down gremlins on my website(s).

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