Thru Tel Aviv – Kutiman Remixes a City

Music that moves the soul is a gift in these times we live in… hell, it’s a gift anytime we are lucky enough to find it in our path in life. What is most mysterious is how unrelated video snippets can so reveal the power of the human soul when weaved together by a master with the ear to hear this often-hidden-beauty. I’ve been enjoying Kutiman‘s creations since 2009… here’s his latest offering. Enjoy…

Here’s the email that brought my attention to this latest project:

 Hi all!

We are excited to share with you a project that has been in the works for some time: Thru Tel Aviv!
Kutiman has created a unique audio visual journey through the various sounds which make up the Tel Aviv experience in his latest installment of the Thru The City project.
This time you can also mix your own version of the project at the accompanying website – Mix The City.
We would like to thank our partners on this project, The British Council in collaboration with The Space for their supportSome more news: the Funked up track Music Is Ruling My World from Kutiman’s debut album has been re-released by the respected UK dance label Defected Records. The release features four versions of the track – Opolopo re-edits Kutiman’s original version, and then gives the track full on remix treatment, alongside deep soulful remixes from Soul Clap affiliate Nick Monaco and London hot shot James Fox.There are also some other surprises in store for 2015, starting with some great new remixes of Thru You Too coming very soon… be on the look out! 


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