Saving History: Rescued Film Project & 31-WWII Rolls of Film

I was just writing an article about something that happened eight-years ago like it was ancient history and decided to pull up and post images from that event. Then I stumbled into this article by Michael Zhang on the PetaPixel Facebook page about someone who was using his old-school photo developing skills and digital technology to rescue 31-rolls of undeveloped film that dates back to World War II.

What I love so much about this story is that each roll had to be hand-developed and taken care of in a way that wasn’t really doable with mass-processing. But at the same time without a digital scanner what image was there wouldn’t be rescuable. It’s a story about how analog and digital can work together. And without the curator doing the work, we’d never have these images to tell this story that’s been lost for almost 70-years.


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