Aspirational Technology Acquisitions: My New Kindle Paperwhite

It’s either a genuine first world problem or a sign that I really need a life, or both, but I’ve come to discover that sometimes I’ve purchase technology with great intentions, but seem to fall way short. Sad. In my earlier lifetime before PCs I bought books. Notice, I said that I bought books, not that I read books. In the short time that I lived with Tricia and her mom I had to face the fact that unlike them, I liked the idea of reading more than the actual practice of reading. My first guess is that my brain doesn’t seem to have the patience to put up with the slow speed that I seem to read at versus how quickly I’ve learned to absorb information via other means, often TV or video-related media.

It makes sense. I grew up with TV. I grew up in a large not-so-quiet family. As a teenager I got in trouble if I was too quiet (usually secretly reading my bible). So, I tend to be most comfortable in a busy household with many things going on at once. And sitting down with a good book is something I do when on vacation, when I give myself permission to live other lives. Then I’ll dive deep into multiple volume works like Azimov’s Foundation series or Herbert’s Dune universe. Alas, I may not give myself permission, but I recognize the need to be more “literate” as part of being a better writer (something that I also seem to aspire to more than practice… ugh). So, because I’m always using my iPad for multiple things, I decided that I needed a more single-purpose device like a Kindle to facilitate all this reading that I wanted to do.

In our separation, Tricia ended up with the previous Kindle I’d purchased, but I thought my iPad, especially after switching to an iPad Mini, would suffice. Not so much. Then I discovered that I had more than enough AMEX-points to cover the purchase of a new Kindle, so why not? I’ve had the new Kindle for a couple weeks… only books I’ve “read” have been audio-books on my iPhone. Yeah, the problem is clearly not technological. Damn. Well, at least I’ve answered that question in my life (and it only cost a ton of AMEX-points). Yeah.

If you’re interested in joining me with this aspirational function please feel free to click my amazon associates link to purchase your own Kindle Paperwhite. Enjoy.

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