Video Fridays: Brave at U of M Amplatz Children’s Hospital

“Everybody’s been there,
everybody’s been stared down by the enemy,
fallen for the fear and done some disappearing,
bow down to the mighty,
but don’t run, just stop holding your tongue.
Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live,
Maybe one of these days you can let the light in,
Show me, how big your brave is.”

A pair of nurses at a Minnesota children’s hospital decided that they wanted to create a video using the Sara Bareilles song, “Brave” and share the daily examples of the human spirit and real bravery of the little patients they assist. There are plenty of horror stories out there of understaffed hospitals and healthcare workers who don’t care. I’ve been lucky enough in my illness over the past year to have been treated with respect and encouraged and that’s made all of the difference in the world. I want to think that I wasn’t just lucky, but that my friends and professionals who took care of me are examples of what healthcare can be when we let the professionals do their job and they have the freedom to exercise the “care” part of healthcare. Whatever it takes, it seems that we are at our best when we take care of one another. I know that I saw the beauty of what it means to be human when I was afraid and I had compassionate professionals to turn to. The first video is the Amplatz Children’s Hospital video, followed by the HLN interview of the nurses who put together the video and the last video is the original Sara Bareilles “Brave” video. Enjoy.

Brave at U of M Amplatz Children’s Hospital

HLN News Story

Original Sara Bareilles Brave video

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