From $200 a Year to $20 (or Less)!

I started playing with today & moved my whole blog over to see if I could really get away with ditching my self-hosted blog. I recognize that web-hosting is not a very big concern except for maybe one out of … everyone. In my workgroup I think that there’s only one other person who has his own web server account. If I ditch my account it’ll be the first time since 2002 since haven’t had my own web server account. Yeah, not a big deal for the average human, but for those of us who work online there’s a certain security to having access to ones own server space. Anyway, the transfer went pretty smoothly. There were some issues with embedded videos, but it’s a relatively simple fix. Basically if I go with this change I don’t think that I will be use the themes that I spent a lot of money on and there are fewer formatting options then I’ve been used to over the years to give my blogs their “look.” But these limitations also mean that I should spend less time with upkeep & maintenance and reduce my hosting bill from $200 a year to around $20 (or less!). Yeah, I’m probably going to run a full backup this weekend and then make moves to completely convert over to I’ll continue to look into which theme I want to settle on, but the emphasis needs to shift to content creation instead of upkeep.

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