Video Mondays: Birth to Death as told by Cinema – A Life in Film Mashup 2013 HD

I’ve noted numerous time an idea that I got reading Kierkegaard, that it’s a sign of our culture’s failure when we expect to learn deep lessons of life from our entertainment but expect to be entertained on our churches and schools. Perhaps, but that’s not to say that the best of our entertainment art forms can communicate ideas and feelings that would be next to impossible in an academic treatise. Then, of course, there is the re-mix, or mash-up version of modern storytelling that sneaks it’s message in via snippets from movies that we love, adding a kind of emotional power to the experience because it is both something familiar and something new. Today’s video tells the story of life in just under three-minutes (the last minute and twenty-one seconds are spent sharing the movies where the clips came from). Enjoy (& learn?).

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