Adios RockMelt Browser


I’ve been shopping at Costco going back to the days when it was called Price Club, which is all to say that I’ve been trained to enjoy fun discoveries, but then be okay with their short lifespan and impermanence. Which brings me to my discovery this morning that one of the browsers that I’ve been using for a few years, the RockMelt browser is being “retired.” What the hell? RockMelt followed in the paces of the “social” web browsers like the now gone Flock browser, trying to tie ones Internet experience with various hooks to ones social networks. Alas, there’s apparently little need for such a thing and so the RockMelt browser is going away. I don’t know if it’s a failure of the browser to catch on with Chrome, Firefox, IE and little Safari or the dominance of FaceBook to swallow up everything “social.” Anyway, I guess they’re using the “retire” euphemism because the RockMelt engine has been pushed into an iOS app (Android app in June 2013…) and on the surface looks like another Pinterest clone. Ack. Oh well. Next?!

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