Video Fridays: RoboHand & MakerBot 3D Printing – Here to Help Us

Sometimes technology is a distraction and there are those who would eliminate it from our lives and culture if they had the power. Then there are those of us who live immersed in it because our humanity compels us to ignore the naysayers and strive for something better. Then every once in a while something pops through the daydreaming and “what-ifs” and gives us truly human connections through these silly tools and devices many of us struggle with. 3D Printers are among the current inventions that some are saying are an expensive solution looking for a problem. Well, here’s the scenario that 3D printers solve that is going to bring a much better quality of life and plain old fashion happiness to a lot of kids and people who will now see themselves as being just that much more “human.” Enjoy. (Thanks for the heads up, Holly Lu!)

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