No Witty Observations Or Piercing Insights This Week

So… you might have noticed that there haven’t been any new blog posts this week. Most non-pro bloggers don’t keep to any kind of schedule, but I’ve been trying since the beginning of the year to have at least five posts per week and more recently one post per category (tech, education, media, lifestyle) per week. Alas, as we were finishing last week I was scrambling to produce several videos for the class that I teach at Full Sail and that kept me pretty busy. As Monday turned to Tuesday I thought I could still get at least four articles posted this week (the posting schedule that I was leaning toward). But then I knew I’d be incapacitated for much of Thursday following getting an epidural for my back pain that’s been tormenting me for the past two months. So, I decided yesterday that I wouldn’t post anything (except this notice) this week and the articles that I was planning on working on would be posted next week. Thanks for your patience. It’s tough running a publishing empire with an all-ready-full teaching schedule and a disgruntled back that’s been keeping me from decent sleep and my normal energetic work-habits for over two-months. Apologies for the break in witty observations and piercing insights. See you on the other side. jbb