Video Wednesdays: The Flight of Friendship 7 – 50th Anniversary

I’m a little behind with this one… but it’s a good memory for me… though I remember the Gemini launches more than any of the Mercury ones. Enjoy (& dream). Speaking of dreams… the second video is a trailer for the film, Man on a Mission: Richard Garriott’s Road to the Stars,” which is about a second generation astronaut, though he didn’t exactly follow in his NASA astronaut father’s footsteps…


youtube video: Friendship 7 – 50th Anniversary
Uploaded by NASAtelevision on Feb 13, 2012
NASA celebrates the 50th Anniversary of John Glenn’s orbital space flight. Glenn’s flight ushered in a new era for space travel.
John Glenn, America’s first astronaut to orbit Earth, launched aboard his Friendship 7 Mercury capsule on Feb. 20, 1962. At the end of the mission, Friendship 7 splashed down into the ocean and Glenn was honored by President John F. Kennedy and celebrated as a hero across America.

youtube video: Man on a Mission – trailer
Uploaded by firstrunfeaturesnyc on Aug 12, 2011
Last year Richard Garriott became the first son of an astronaut to go to space, but this is no millionaire’s joy ride, he pioneered private space travel to make his dream come true: from his training in Russia to his launch in Kazahkstan to the dramatic, never before seen footage inside the capsule during fiery re-entry, this is a historic moment in human space travel.

Not just for space fans, this is a film that will inspire anyone who works tirelessly to make their dream come true.