Passion Is What Gets You Through the Fear by Drew Fulton

Soon-to-be EMDT Graduate and freelance photographer, Drew Fulton wrote the following blog post as a reflection on our course reading, The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander.

Passion Is What Gets You Through the Fear by Drew Fulton

My favorite part of this week’s reading from The Art of Possibility was the 8th practice, “Giving Way to Passion.” My life is dominated by my passions and I strive to follow those passions. It is my passion for photography and the natural world that has led me to where I am today and it is my passion for education that has brought me to the EMDT program at Full Sail. As I mentioned in one of my commenting posts last week, it isn’t the easiest path and often there is no path, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. For me, it is the passion that I have for my work that allows me to push the boundaries with visual storytelling.

It is also the passion (some might call it obsession) that enables me to get through the really tough times when things don’t go well, projects fall through, and money is tight. It is the passion that gets me out of bed each morning excited about the opportunities that are out there. There is a constant battle between the fear (as mentioned last week) and my passion. Most days passion the passion wins but it is a daily challenge. I must say, the good days are worth fighting through the bad days though… Let go of your fear and give way to your passion!

jbb: I added the following comment to the blog post:

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Sadly, it’s passion that many veterans give up on in order to “make it” over the long term. It takes a lot out of us to do what we really believe in day after day and so many of us make that compromise, forgetting that the long term is meaningless without the things that we believe in passionately. What’s the point of the long term if we’re not invested in the moment to moment that’s the only real thing we can count on? I’m so glad that you’ve seen your dreams through to this point and it looks like intend to stay the course.

About the author:
Drew Fulton is a freelance nature photographer with a passion for finding new ways to use media to engage and educate. Fulton is currently completing a Masters Degree through Full Sail University’s Education Media Design & Technology program. Drew can be contacted through his website: Drew Fulton Photography