macworld2012: Day Two – Notes & Links

TT951: Main Stage: The Future of Learning (10:00am)

Speaker: Nick Floro, President, Sealworks Interactive Studios

Blurb: Join us for this in-depth look at how Apple design and technologies are changing learning today and what’s just around the corner. We’ll also look at HTML5, Gamification, Personalization, Mobile, and Augmented Reality to see how learning is changing. What can we learn from the buzz and new tools appearing in the consumer and corporate environments and how can we take advantage of them to help our education systems. This fun session will give you dozens of ideas and reboot your brain for fresh perspectives how to enhance your learning today. Who Should Attend? Designers, Developers and Everyone. Attendees Will Learn: – How Learning is Changing – What role does iOS have on it – What you need to know – What’s just around the corner

.My Notes: Resources:

  • HTML5 Rocks
  • AudioBoo
  • Flickr iPad UI Connections to see what kinds of UI is being used
  • Designing for the social web, joshua porter
  • Jing project
  • (screencasts)
  • screenflow
  • adobe captivate

TT961: Main Stage: Top Stories of the Year (11:00am)

Speaker: Jason Snell, Vice President & Editorial Director, MacPublishing, LLC and friends

What were the top tech and Apple stories of 2011? Join Macworld Editorial Director Jason Snell and a panel of experts for a lively walk through the most important events — some obvious, some surprising — of the past year.

Top 10 Stories

  • 10. The Mac App Store
  • 9. iCloud
  • 8. iOS5
  • 7. iPhone 4s
  • 6. Rise of the MacBook Air
  • 5. Lawsuits!
  • 4. Mac OS X Lion
  • 3. The Competition
  • 2. iPad 2
  • 1. Steve Jobs

 TT995: Ask the Editors! (3:00pm)


  • Christopher Breen, Senior Editor, Macworld
  • Serenity Caldwell, Staff Editor, Macworld,
  • Dan Frakes, Senior Editor, Macworld
  • Lex Friedman, Staff Writer, Macworld
  • Dan Moren, Senior Associate Editor, Macworld
  • Jason Snell, Vice President & Editorial Director, Macworld

Got questions? Macworld has answers, and this is your chance to pick the brains of the Mac’s premier publication as they sit down for an interactive session with attendees. You’ll get a chance to hear the Macworld team’s impressions of the latest product releases, views on the state of the Mac platform, and opinions on the industry — whatever you, the attendees, decide to talk about. (No individual troubleshooting questions, please!). Who Should Attend? Users of all levels will enjoy this Q&A session. Attendees Will Learn: Rather than a “How do you do this?” session, Ask The Editors is a “What do you think about…?” panel that lets attendees get on-the-spot answers to the questions they’ve always wanted to ask, from the people behind Macworld magazine and

So this was the second session of this particular day with almost the exact same set of participants/panelists, except instead of riffing on Snell’s top 10 stories they riffed on questions from the audience. I played with my new olloclip iPhone camera lens adapter. Fun.

 Missed sessions:

TT977: Fantastic Voyage: A Virtual Flight Through the Brain (1:00pm)

Speaker: Stephen J. Smith, PhD, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Stanford University School of Medicine

A single human brain has more switches than all the computers, routers and Internet connections on Earth,” said Stephen Smith, PhD, professor of molecular and cellular physiology at Stanford Medical School. With the help of a consortium of neuroscientists from Stanford, Harvard and MIT, Smith has pioneered a method for directly observing brain circuit development, structure and function called “array tomography.” By combining electron microscopy, specialized fluorescent molecules from jellyfish, high-resolution photography and massive computing power — then bringing all these components together with Mac imaging, movie, and music technologies — Smith will take the Macworld audience on a breathtaking guided tour of the most amazing computer of all — the brain.

Didn’t get back from lunch in time for this one. My interest is based education theory and how humans learn, an basis that’s a bit different from those interested because they might see a relationship between how computers work and how humans work. Damn.

TT982: iCloud’s Little Helpers: Easy Ways to Get More Out of Apple’s Cloud Service (2:00pm)

Speaker: Jeff Gamet, Managing Editor, The Mac Observer

Apple’s iCloud service is great for synchronizing your contacts and appointments between your Mac, iPhone and iPad, and it lets you automatically download your iTunes music purchases to all of your devices, but it still has a few limitations. Luckily, there are plenty of options available to pick up where iCloud leaves off, including online file storage, and alternate photo and music storage solutions. Who Should Attend? Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users that want to learn more about Apple’s iCloud service, and the other cloud-based services they can use to get even more out of their computer and iOS gear. Attendees Will Learn: Attendees will learn what iCloud can and can’t do for them, which apps and online services can sync and share files iCloud can’t, how to supplement iCloud’s features without spending any money, and headache-free ways to share files.

This one, they scheduled it in too small of a room and when I got there they weren’t letting anyone else into the room. Bah! So I went to the show floor and eventually by the Olloclip that I ended up playing with the rest of the week. 🙂

After Hours

  • In-n-Out Burger (near Fisherman’s Wharf)
  • Fourth Street Grill
  • View Sky Lounge (39th Floor)

I could not visit the West Coast without making my pilgrimage to the most hallowed place in Burger-dom. Unlike my last macworld/in-n-out burger run I did not try to make it from the Moscone all the way across town by foot, but took advantage of the lovely mass-transit and made it there and back for a whole four-dollars. The Four Street Grill visit was in honor of a friend that I met on Wednesday who insisted that I try the Pliny the Elder brew. It was worth the way. Tasty. My first choice was to find my way to the invite-only Cirque du Mac party, but I was unable to score a ticket so I bought an over-priced Long Island Ice Tea and went up to the 39th Floor of the Marriott to admire the view. Photos and videos to follow… eventually…


All images by Joe Bustillos