Can you still recommend Word Press for education blogging?

wordpress-chrome-logoQuestion by FullSail/EMDT grad, Nancy Melashenko: Can you still recommend Word Press for education blogging?

Hmmm, interesting question. It really depends on the goal/purpose of the “educational” blogging. There are so many tools that do the community part a bit better, like the elementary school friendly edublogs, that doing a wordpress roll-your-own might not be necessary. I love wordpress as a blogger, way more than blogger or the other platforms. But things like Tumblr, Google-Plus and Pinterest might be a better choice for casual bloggers. Again, it depends on the purpose and scope of what one wants to accomplish. I have a couple sites, several self-hosted wordpress blogs, sites on blogger, livejournal, iWeb on the expiring mobileme service and one on SquareSpace. All of them offer different advantages and disadvantages. I’m old school and like having access to my site via FTP so that I can store what I want and have access via URL. Most edu folks don’t really need that, but it’s tough. What’s more important is to recognize that the future is connected community and it has to be visual and completely interactive. If you can do that with WordPress than there you go. If Schoology or edublogs or edmodo is a better choice for what you want to do, then there you go. For my work as a tech-ed writer I choose my wordpress blogs, but i’m thinking better community is being created at google-plus.

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