Fearing Phone Calls in the Night

I find myself worrying whenever Tricia and I are relaxing and we get an unexpected late night call. If I get a text requesting a call-back it now tends to Include the words “not an emergency.” it doesn’t happen that often, but often enough that Tricia and I always exchange a glance when the phone rings. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Maybe this is just part of now being old enough to handle the awareness that the days are not endless and that there will be some ending to all of our stories. Some might respond to this by appealing to a higher power, hoping to extend our time in the game. But the truth is that we have precious few moments and only the present moment to do and/or be.

This isn’t a declaration that there isn’t something beyond this existence. I don’t know. But attending to the gift of each day and each moment tends not to be realized until way too late to do any good. I know that I’m lucky to have had the opportunities to make choices in my life instead of feeling imposed upon. So, I do not judge those who’ve felt a greater lack of choice in Life. So, we need to do and enjoy between the late night unexpected phone calls.


Image: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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