macworld2012: Mobile Tech Invasion of the Classroom

It’s a bit hard to believe that it was almost three weeks ago that I flew to San Francisco to attend Macworld|iWorld 2012 and to do my 30 minute presentation at the pre-conference CUE@macworld session. I had toyed with the idea of doing a video recording of my talk, but decided, given that this would be my first real presentation, that running the video camera would be at least one job too many. I also decided after the talk that just posting the Keynote file wouldn’t really do because looking at the slides would hardly equate with the actual talk. So, I decided to do the following ScreenFlow video-version of the talk. Enjoy.


You can find a google doc version of the talk with speakers notes posted here.

I will post my notes and photos from my four days attending Macworld|iWorld 2012 & CUE@Macworld 2012 over the next four days. I also have a website dedicated to the talk at


  • Viddler video: Disruptive Ed-Tech: Mobile Technology Invasion of the Classroom – A Keynote Presentation by Joe Bustillos, retrieved 2/9/2012.

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