After spending the previous day traveling from Orlando to San Francisco and the previous night getting to know my CUE@macworld 2012 companions it was time to go down to the Moscone Center West for our day long series of presentations. You can follow my tweets from the day before here (addition links to tweets will be listed below). Also, apologies that my notes and collection of images are not more complete. I’m hoping that over time the gaps in coverage will be covered with updates from my co-presenters and friends.


* Elizabeth Calhoon and Carol Anne McGuire: Multimedia Poetry Slam (10:10am)

Morning cheerleaders who began our morning with an assortment of riffs, chants and enthusiasm. Sorry, I was able to catch a photo of myself in my room earlier but the brain didn’t remember to take images at this particular moment. Ack. FAIL.

* Jon Corippo: iMovie Advanced Tricks for All Users (10:40am)

Jon wasn’t kidding. I’ve been using iMovie since version 1 and I was excited to learn that features like Picture-in-Picture are built into the current version of iMovie. I was also interested to learn that one can crop video clips like one crops stills, choice where the focus or intensity of an image can come from. There were several helpful and powerful tips in Corippo’s information packed session. You’ll find Corippo’s presentation at the following link:

* Mark Hammons: Transforming Mobile Music Production (11:15)

Another information packed session. One thing Mark said that I could definitely relate to, that on the Ipad apps are like music, meaning that you can’t just have one and need to sample as many as works for you. Several apps that he mentioned were:

You can download Mark’s presentation at the following link:

* Nicole Dalesio & Lisa Highfill: iPhoneography (11:45)

 Nicole Dalesio & Lisa Highfill talked about iPhoneography and the Evolution of iPhoneography. The basic idea stems from the photography maxim: The Best Camera is the one always with you. Nicole and Lisa reviewed a number of apps/tools particularly those connected with Instagram. You can explore their presentation at the following link:

* Wendy Gorton: “The Real World” Photo Booth (12:15pm)

The peripatetic Wendy Gorton talked about using a single macbook built-in web-cam as a reflection device in a wide variety of learning environments from behind a sheet hung at the back of a classroom to students on over-night camping trips relaying information about the food and heat to students teaching each other basic math sequences. You can access Wendy’s presentation at the following link:

* Joseph Bustillos: Mobile Technology Invasion in the Classroom (1:30pm)

You can view my presentation at the following links:

* Robert Pronovost: A Peek Inside Our Second Grade Classroom (2:00)

Robert’s talk explored several techniques and tools that he uses to reach his second grade students. One of the more tool is the completely analog idea of resurfacing all of his student desks so that they can be used as white-boards with erasable markers. You can view Robert’s presentation at the following link:

* Kyle Brumbaugh and Danny Silva: Google Apps (2:30pm)…
Notes and images needed (doh!)

* Matthew Purcell: Go Code Cadets! iOS Development (3:05pm)
Matthew brought over an amazing group of high school students who were part of an after-school (non-credit!) program centered around learning to write iOS code. I believe the following link goes to one of Matthew’s projects:

* Diane Main and Burt Lo: Garage Band Karaoke (3:35pm)
Diane and Burt showed how to use Garage Band to create backing-music for remix sessions using popular music to teach a wide variety of concepts from math to self-image. Very creative.

* Peter Reynolds: Closing Keynote: Freedom to be an original (4:05pm)

Peter was the perfect ending to a day of sharing and reaching out with a message that was about much more than technology and toys. He shared his own story about the journey that brought him to being the encourager of every learner who doesn’t fit the one-size-fits-all box that has become testing-based-education. Beginning with creativity and story-telling, Peter and his organization, Fable Vision, are creating tools that speak to the need to express in ways that don’t adhere to limitations and standards. As a gift to those in attendance he offered us access to an animation app called Animation-ish. Wonderful stuff. You can find Peter’s work at the following link:

Then, at the end of the very long day, when the projection screen went blank, this is what happened:

image by joe bustillos

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