Video Fridays: A Day Made of Glass Parts 1 & 2 – A Shiny Future For Some

I was watching a shiny ubiquitous connectivity futuristic video forwarded to me by my friend CK when I suddenly realized that I was already living the wall-of-screen lifestyle. Right now I have to admit that it can wreak havoc on one’s ability to concentrate on anything… but mine is already a connected lifestyle. Also, my guess that some would find difficulty with the lifestyle hinted at in the video because it would require that they have plenty of flat surface horizontal and vertical free of clutter. That automatically disqualifies many of the detractors that I personally know about… enjoy.

The second video takes up the story from the young girls point of view. As an educator this video is downright cringe-worthy when they portray the students in class sitting hands folded in rows and columns while the teacher lectures, albeit with very pretty visuals. This is where business shows that it knows nothing about education and especially education of the near future. They do get it somewhat right when they have the video table where the students grab color swaths and use it to select images based on the colors and combination of colors. It’s horrifying when outdate modes of teaching show up in “visions of the future” videos. The lesson here is that even if it’s in a virtual environment, we learn by doing not by sitting in lectures. My moto is if the information needs to be delivered as a monologue or lecture, do a video and post it for students to go over before getting together for class. If we’re “together” we’re doing, or reviewing, not lecturing. Ack! Future education vision FAIL!