How I Survived a Month Without Blogging: Day One App

Just before I dropped into a “no new blog post” hole that lasted over a month, which was also around the end of National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO), I heard about Day One (app) from Andy Ihnatko as his pick on MacBreak Weekly. Then I started the blog-hosting-from-hell upgrade during which one blog post kept disappearing and then showing up as a Google+ link.  I decided that I needed a plan “B” to use until the blog reliability could be regained. I had no idea that it was going to be over a month, but having Day One not only kept me writing, but as the name implies, bugged me every day to write something new. So, even though I wasn’t posting on my blog, I was writing almost every day and it was a great way to “survive” the whole blog-hosting debacle. And now that I’m back online I have a month’s worth of material to work from (thus the dated material in my last post). And the app runs on all of my devices (macs, iPhone and iPad), synced through DropBox so that I can begin an entry on one device and continue it on another. And even though I could use the WordPress app, it’s cool having an offline synced app that I can do my first drafts on. Only thing that would make the app a bit better would be to have live-linking and image embedding available. But I guess the idea is more about getting one’s thoughts down in a distraction-free environment. The daily bug to write really works. If you’re serious about getting more writing done, when writing isn’t your primary daily task, this really works.