TWiTs Get A Brick House

I’ve been a fan of Leo Laporte and his various projects beginning with finding the old ZD-TV and a kindred geek-soul while channel surfing. He used to joke that this was everyone’s worse nightmare: a geek with his own TV show. Apparently it’s the kind of nightmare that many of us would consider our dearest dream, because the vision of one geek with access to media is now about to leap into it’s fourth iteration: the TWiT Brick House.

To get a sense of how TWiT has grown please check out this first video meant to share the “over the top” podcasting set-up that Leo had in his post-Tech-TV studio:

Following is one of the better Behind-the-Scenes videos of the TWiT cottage (hosted by Mostly Lisa, Lisa Bentley certainly doesn’t hurt). In the TWiT Cottage era Leo’s studio operations expanded from the upstairs office to the whole building (including the original upstairs office):

So… now that TWiT is now a full-on “network” of over 20 podcasts, they’ve completely outgrown the cottage and are about to move into their own building…