Burning Multiple Disks in iDVD: A UI Lesson

Earlier in the month I cracked open my copy of iDVD after many years of neglect and ran headlong into the solution for a problem a team member previously had. The problem was that after burning a single DVD it looked like iDVD required the user to go through the lengthy process it can take for iDVD to encode one’s videos to burn the next video. What was really the problem to first carefully reading the message iDVD is presenting BEFORE clicking any buttons. Here’s the offending screenshot:

So, the deal is that when the DVD is finished burning and spits out the burned disk DO NOT click the DONE button. Take out the burned disk and slide in the new disk to be burned. If you click DONE you are telling iDVD to reset for the next project. Ack!

This reminds me of the word/color game where they quick flash the names of colors in front of you, requiring your to say the name of the color but the word is printed in a different color so you have to stop the visual cue and go with the literal word. It think they think they simplified the process so that it does not require a button click, just drop in the new disk and go. But if you’re done, click DONE. Alas, we’ve all been trained to respond to pop-up windows by clicking on the button, without reading what the button says. Oops. Wow, even Apple can get UI wrong. jbb