There are more of us out there than you think


I just had a chat with Karl Peterson, current month 12 student, he called to share that he’d met a professor, Jim Groom, at the University of Mary Washington who’s doing a course on Digital Storytelling as an open university course. According to Peterson, Groom has no formal ed tech training but is mirroring a lot of what we’re doing in emdt. You can visit his course at Awesome.

Then when I was on the ds106 site I noticed a Internet Radio player and on the player at that particular moment was someone I’d met through twitter @DrGarcia, the Gypsy Rogue Scholar. Woe, I know that she’s mentioned doing an internet radio show, but that’s way too “we’re all connected” for me. And as I’m writing this, they’re playing a mash-up on copyright, my area of concentration. The universe is scaring me.

You can get more info on radio-ds106 at and Yeah, there are more of us experimenting and creating new media in education (mostly ’cause the old system is dead).

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  1. Jim Groom

    It is truly strange how so many things connect, and Karl was great and sung the praises of Full Sail up and down. Would love to see what you all are doing so that I can further build on #ds106—which is a blast.


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