The Battle for Wisconsin: $$$ vs. Education/Unions

I have several students and a number of friends in Madison and I am so glad that they are there speaking up for what’s right and not accepting the misguided plans of Gov. Walker. I love in these videos that those who would not have been effected by Walker’s bill, the fire and police unions, have chosen to stand together with the educators and other effected state workers. On Tuesday, March 1st, NPR’s Fresh Air ran an interview with NY Times reporter, Steve Greenhouse, during which Greenhouse reported that as much as balancing the state’s budget is part of the rhetoric the union’s have already agreed to most of the proposed cuts. Basically Walker’s real goal is to break the unions which would in turn hurt the power base for the Democrats.

I don’t know if this governor expected such a huge backlash and just assumed that the unions would take it lying down. So let me say it plainly, this isn’t about balancing a budget as much as political bullshit. Fix the problems. The unions have shown that they will work with you, if you actually had a working plan. Here’s the link to the NPR story: The Long-Term Effect Of Wisconsin’s Union Battles.

WI “Budget Repair Bill” Protest (Feb 20-24?) Pt. 3 from Matt Wisniewski on Vimeo.

We are peaceful. We will stay peaceful.

Around four days of footage (Feb 20-24?) from Madison, WI protest against the SB11 “budget repair bill.”

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  1. Renee Hanson

    Hi Joe~
    Thanks so much for putting the news in Wisconsin on your blog. I have been to the demonstrations and they have been non-violent and peaceful. One of the bad videos out there is from Fox News – if you look closely they are showing a mob with palm trees in the background and no snow. I don’t recall ever seeing palm trees in Wisconsin!!

    Matt’s videos have been amazing!

    Thanks for sharing!!


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