New Start for Homeless Man with Golden Voice

Above is AP’s posted video about a homeless man, Ted Williams, who caught the attention of a reporter/videographer and how the subsequent posted YouTube video helped immediately change Williams’ life. In a matter of three days Williams went from pan-handling on a road in Ohio to being flown to New York City to appear on the Today Show and get job offers from the NBA’s Caviliers and Kraft Foods. Great story. Not so great were the copyright pull-down orders on YouTube, beginning with the original Register video that started the whole thing, that are making it tough for bloggers to share this wonderful story. Imagine how the story would not have gone had the original video not spread across the Internet in the first couple days after being posted on YouTube. Bad at you, MSNBC, CNN and the rest.

YouTube Video: Homeless Man With Golden Voice Reunited With Mom by AssociatedPress, retrieved from on 01/14/2011

YouTube Video: Homeless man with golden voice ‘thankful to be here’ by Today Show, retrieved from on 01/14/2011

YouTube Video: CNN: Homeless man, Ted Williams with golden voice hits jackpot by CNN, retrieved from on 01/14/2011