Happy Holidays – emdt FullSail edition

Happy merry xmas to all my emdt homies…

And for those paying attention, I present three docs in the back seat:


  1. kathykellen

    Thanks for sharing! Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2011 will be a great one for you!!
    As for the docs in the back seat…
    1. no seatbelts????? LOL
    2. I hope that you were not driving and filming at the same time! 🙂
    I miss you all alot!!


  2. kathyvalunas

    The 3 docs ???singing??? in the backseat was priceless! Loved getting to watch Dr Dan, Dr Reo and ??? was that Dr Deason? being their typical silly selves. I’m surprised you were able to drive. Who was the poor female in the front seat? She should get a medal for enduring the song making efforts of this up and coming trio 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this other side of reality to the FSO crowd.

    One of your April 2011 brave new students.

    -Kathy Valunas


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