The beginning of my lost weekend: Hello iPad

Before I got home my friends at Full Sail had already posted the above video. I love what they wrote too:

“It’s no secret that we’re all gadget geeks at Full Sail University so when EMDTMS Course Director Joe Bustillos brought in this jewel, the iPad 3g, which doesn’t even launch at stores until 5 pm today, he drew a crowd of onlookers. Bustillos pre-ordered his iPad to use as a media center for his music and movies at home, and all of us are really grateful he let us join in on the unveiling. Now you can join in, too, for a sneak peek of Apple’s newest product!

P.S. Bustillos is always up on the latest and greatest technology, and he helps others keep up with him at his blog.”

Media center? Well, maybe, but more likely trying to keep up with my students’ blogs, email and my own blog… At least that’s the theory.

video & text: Gadget Geek Joe Bustillos Unveils His Prereleased iPad 3G!, fso blogs. retrieved on 5/2/2010