iPad Day

LA Times reporter Mark Milian covered the iPad lines in LA. Not nearly the craziness of the previous iPhone launches, but if you’ve had the occasion these are more social events than anything else, with most people in line just out for the geek-fest instead of getting the free delivery of the device.

Mashable’s Brenna Ehrlich interviews people waiting in line at New York’s 5th Avenue store, including infamous line sitter Greg Packer:

Chicago Sun-Time columnist, Andy Ihnatko did a iPad Sneak Peak on TWiT late Thursday night:

Finally, I feel like I should include at least one article from a iPad-hater, Cory Doctorow, writing on boingboing, Why I won’t buy an iPad (and think you shouldn’t, either). Smart guy, who might be right. But it does come off as another examination of the feature list and complaint because it doesn’t include the kitchen sink and because he likes things like collecting comic books the iPad scoundrels are stepping all over his wonderful childhood memories. I pre-ordered the 3g model so I have a few weeks to wait before I get my iPad and quiver as Apple smashes my childhood memories of …. er, never mind.

Bonus: two and a half year old navigates the iPad:<br/>


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