Street Meets… Pedestrian: Christian Side Hug

When the rapper begins screaming, “Are you ready to party?!” the crowd goes wild. Apparently there’s a lot of pent up energy here. Then for the life of me I couldn’t figure out if this was straight or parody. I think it’s both… This video is totally def with an “A”… ack.


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  1. joe bustillos

    just got an update from someone who says they posted the original “christian side-hug” video saying, “I noticed that you covered the Christian Side Hug video awhile back, which my blog launched, so I thought you might be interested in what I’m up to,” with a link to the tumblr blog:

    So what’s he up to? Scare tactic videos telling Christians that if you don’t at least try to convert your non-Christian friends, then said friends will curse them from Hell after they die. That’s fun. And way less confusing than the whether the Christian Side-Hug was a joke or not… ack.


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