The Holy City 01 by Waiting For The Word

Intelligently Confused about God

While I continue to wander about in my head about my relationship with God, I continue to have encounters with individuals on similar courses, though, perhaps heading in a different direction. For example, last night at a local watering hole, while enjoying the evening’s Monday Night Football game, a gentleman ordered up his bucket of Buds and after random chit-chat mentioned his faith and his failure to abide by the “Truth.” It was an interesting exchange over beers, ribs and NFL play-by-play. In the end he thanked me for an intelligent conversation.

Then a couple of weeks ago I got a comment on my old blog, Jacob’s Ladder (which is why the writer makes the understandable mistake that my name is Jacob. oops):

Jacob, I’m not really skilled at computer codes, etc.,so I’ll try to get on the site using anonymous. I’m Don Kimrey My blog is I came upon your site thru the “Ooze” posting and your comment there. Sounds like we have some things in common. I read right many of your posts and found them interesting and, more importantly perhaps, honest. Sounds like we traveled some of the same roads, and I discovered that a disappointed idealist makes the worst kind of cynic. But I also have come to believe God’s love is constant, even when ours falters and we’re not sure which way is up. Hang in there. You seem to be quite intelligent, and I sense that you’re on an honest quest. Let’s pray for each other. Don Kimrey

Thanks Don. The best I can promise is good thoughts about you and your journey. I’d forgotten all about the Ooze article. I wish I could find the article and my comment. Damn. Oh yeah, and today I got a letter from a local Baptist church inviting me to participate. Sounds interesting, but I think I’m better off finding misfits who appreciate Faith… just from a reasonable distance.

It’s a weird world we live in, it’s funny every day,
half the world prays like the preacher, other half don’t even pray.
So no one understands you if you pray in your own way.

Now I’m stuck here in the middle, everything is in a jam,
stuck right in the middle, doors on both sides seem to slam,
no one seem to want me, only God would take me like I am.

Well my brothers criticize me, say I’m just too strange to believe,
and the others just avoid me, say my faith is so naive,
I’m too sacred for the sinners and the saints wish I would leave – Mark Heard

* Image: The Holy City 01 by Waiting For The Word,

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