Probably Great Product Saddled w/ Lame PR – MS Chronicles Continues

In an ongoing effort to prove that they have no clue about how dorky they come off Microsoft has put out another in an endless series of embarrassing commercials. When Bill Gates confessed to Steve Jobs that he wishes that he had the same sense of style at a conference a few years ago he wasn’t kidding and his products are suffering for it. To be fair this isn’t Gates or Ballmer’s fault, but you’d think with all of their brain power and bankroll they’d find someone with a clue on how to market their stuff. Embarrassing. For a complete list of embarrassing Microsoft commercials check out an article, “The worst Microsoft promo videos ever!” from CNET’s Crave blog. You can also catch my previous comments on their “I’m cool too” video here.

* Youtube video: HostingYourParty by LaunchParties,, retrieved on 9/29/2009
* “The worst Microsoft promo videos ever!” by Rich Trenholm, from CNET’s Crave blog,, retrieved on 9/29/2009