What the Heck is edm613 Media Asset Creation – A Student’s View

Last week I was all proud of the presentation I’d given to my fellow course directors explaining what my class was all about. I had intended to make a video version of that presentation and post it here to help spread the Full Sail/EMDTMS love. Then one of my students turned in the following piece as his “Show Me What You Learned” project. Yeah, upstaged by my own students. I’m getting very used to this…

My parody of E-40 and Keak the Sneak’s song “Tell Me When To Go”

No video, just a static picture.

The lyrics can be found here

On a serious note, knowing more specifics about convergent culture and copyright law will help me as the collaboration is a goal of mine for my final project, and the law part will help me stay legal. The book “The Art of Possibility” probably had the greatest impact on me that will not only help me going into the media project and finishing the thesis, but with my teaching as well.- Abram Siegel

Actually, I’ll do the video presentation later, but I just had to share this version because it is so fracking creative and right on! Sorry, self-indulgent? No doubt, but damn funny… well, at least for my students who have to suffer through my course. I love my job and the folks I get to work with. jbb


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Music: The Golden Age by Mark Heard from the Mosaics CD (out of print)

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