The Creative Commons Solution

Part three of my three part media merry-go-round: Creative Commons (Part 1: Copyright; Part 2: Fair-Use; Part 3: Creative Commons). After I’ve scared them to death with the all powerful Copyright, and confused them with the slippery Fair-Use, it’s time calm the nerves with a little common sense Creative Commons. I wish it was really that simple. So, as before the following is the ongoing working prototype for part 3:

When:Fourth week on a time and day selected by your small group and the course director (NOTE: There is no archive you must do everything you can to attend your small groups session)The Creative Commons Solution


Pre-session videos & Information: Please make sure to preview the following videos and read through the information listed below before our session together

A Shared Culture

Mayer and Bettle Explain Creative Commons

Mayer and Bettle explain what Creative Commons is and how it works. A short promotional animation created for Creative Commons Australia and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Creative Commons is a license platform that recognizes that there needs to be an easy to understand way for content creators to communicate their sharing choices that falls between “All Rights Restricted” and “Public Domain.”

Larry Lessig’s TED Talk about Remix Culture:

If you would like further information on Creative Commons consult the following cartoons (this is an optional activity):
Creative Commons Comic part1
Creative Commons Comic part2
Creative Commons Comic part3
Creative Commons Comic part4

Media & Good Netiquette:


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