Crap, Time to Redesign de’ Blog

by Hugh MacLeod of
Crap. After listening to Leo and gang talk in net@night 101 about landing pages, fresh “what i’m doing” widgets and the virtues of a new website system called Square Space, I realized that they were right and I needed to do something to beat back the barrage of words on the front page of my blog.

06-06 Blog Re-DesignLast year I’d switched from three separate blogs to a single “magazine” themed blog with multiple categories/embedded blogs (love the Revolution Media-Pro theme by Brian Gardner). But, much like the problems mentioned by Sarah Lane, I found that because I wasn’t writing for all of the categories consistently that there were sections that grew more stale and what I was working on only pointed out the sections that were more neglected (I’m talking about you “sex & the single brain cell”!). So I went back to Gardner’s new theme operation, Studio Press, to upgrade the visual look. At the same time, I started looking at re-organizing certain sections so that what appears on the front page is more flexible to highlight what I’m working on without forcing me to write articles just to keep some sections from looking old. I also need to continue working on making it so that there’s a little different feel for the different sub-blog/category pages. Onward and upward.

Sheryl Crow - C'Mon C'Mon - C'Mon C'Mon Music: C’mon C’mon from the C’mon C’mon CD by Sheryl Crow

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