Weak – Laptop Hunter Picks PC for Video Editing

Come on, Microsoft. Clearly you’ve forgotten one of the first tenets of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, To not attack the enemy where they’re strongest, but where they are weakest. You had a good foothold emphasizing that a Windows PC tends to be cheaper, has more applications, and more video games… but NOT video editing, at least not out of the box. No one who has used the product is going to suggest Microsoft’s MovieMaker. A recent PC Magazine article lists MovieMaker as among the free crapware loaded on PCs that no one wants. I know there are folks who are happy with their video editing experience on Windows PCs, using Adobe’s Premiere Elements 7 (list $140) or Sony’s Vegas editing program(s), but that’s a bit like saying that there are people who are perfectly happy living in Siberia. I mean, they’re happy mostly because that’s all they’ve ever known. I’ve owned PCs far longer than Macs and made videos with PCs, but whenever a video project came up I’d try to do it on a Mac first because it was a far less kludgy experience. Getting a laptop for video editing for less than $2,000, definitely doable, depending on how many times you want to reboot under Windows and/or restart the whole project when the under-powered machine crashes in the middle of your project. How valuable is your time?

Here’s a video blast from the past that kind’a sums it all up:


  1. Kyle Krstolic

    Nice post. I wonder what type of video editing that actress, I mean “Film maker” does on her PC? And when was the last time you went to Best Buy and the sale guy was wearing a suit and tie?


  2. joe.bustillos

    Actually, in this ad she’s buying from Fry’s Electronics and those guys where suits and ties. In the previous ads the supposed “IT” also bought from Fry’s, while the other two gave their money to best buy. All I know is whatever Microsoft takes 3 to 10 minutes to say in their commercials, Apple undoes in 30 seconds. Ack. jbb


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